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I started writing something clever, but then realized I honestly don’t have one specific thing that I’m focused on. Just like you, I wear a ton of different hats and hence my interests are in constant flux.

  • DevOps engineer who also has a huge interest in cybersecurity, digital hygiene, along with data engineering.

  • New homeowner constantly diving down rabbit holes to learn all about the different tech that can be used in a house and a yard.

  • Experienced Espresso (no x) drinker and spend time trying to perfect my technique and learn more about the process.

  • ….

I decided to start a newsletter that I would personally enjoy reading myself. The ones I typically have come across are so focused on one subject that after clicking on a few links or reading a couple of paragraphs, my mind is elsewhere.

I don’t claim to provide any answers/solutions, however I do have a lot of day-to-day tech stories mixed in with personal reflections and rants, and last but not least a pre-pandemic journey I documented about switching careers from IT mid-management to a DevOps role.

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abstracting away the IT layers in an attempt to reach the real core of things


IT veteran peeling away the layers of abstraction to attain the balance between structure and content. Observations on software development, digital hygiene, along with reflections and rants.